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The awe inspiring performances of our Australian athletes at this year’s Rio Olympics show them to be nothing less than determined, driven and focused. These Olympians faced the highs and the lows and need to be resilient and persevere to get back up when they don’t reach the success they strive for in their individual disciplines.

Cate Campbell freestyle world record holder finished 6th in her strongest event, she had been tipped as strongest to win. Translating this into our everyday organisations, how do we encourage those driven and ambitious employees in our workforce to maintain high performance and consistency in their day to day work, even in challenging times.

Organisations can encourage and support their employees in driving and continuing high performance via:

  1. Ensuring expectations are clear

Employees like clear direction from the organisation on what is expected so they can meet those expectations and strive for success.

  1. Provide employees with a vision for the organisation

Be inspirational when setting the vision for the organisation and ensuring that message is communicated effectively. Employees like to know what the organisation is doing and where it is going. A clear vision and inspirational message will provide employees with confidence that the organisation has clear goals and objectives, which will provide them with security and stability on the future of the organisation.

  1. Provide regular feedback and encouragement

Communicate clear strategies and goals to employees. Employees like to know what they are doing right. Are their actions making an impact in the organisation, and how can they improve? Through the setting of clear, realistic and measured goals, both the line manager and employee can discuss performance and provide feedback during performance development meetings. Employees are more motivated when they are recognised and given regular feedback, goal setting can ensure both these can be can be met.

  1. Negative feedback

Employees aren’t motivated by negative feedback or being dressed down in from of their colleagues and peers. Negative feedback should be delivered in a tactful, direct way behind closed doors to maintain professionalism and to avoid the matter escalating out of control.

  1. Recognition

Praise your employees, let them know they have done a great job. Employees are highly motivated if they feel they are being appreciated for the time and effort they put into a task or project. It doesn’t cost anything to simply say, “Thank you”.

  1. Development and training

Providing regular training and development to your employees, not only identifies you as an organisation that is committed to investing in their employees and developing them, it also a great way of motivating and keeping them interested in their job which will maintain their performance.

  1. Be interested in your employees

Showing an interest in your employees will highlight to them that you are aware of them and their individual circumstances. Employees will feel a strong sense of connection and affiliation with their workplace and a sense of pride. Happy employees are motivated employees who will strive to do the best they can!

For further information on how to motivate your employees please contact Eva and her team at Nurture HR Consulting via phone 43 125 120 or email: eva@nurturehrconsulting.com.au

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