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It was recently announced that James Packer had resigned from the Board of Crown Resorts due to mental health.

With key personalities now publicly disclosing that they are unwell due to mental health, “ the times they are a-changin,” as famously sung by Bob Dylan. Personalities such as: Buddy Franklin, Jessica Rowe, Daniel Kowalski and today James Packer are enabling others within our community to realise that mental health is something that can and does effect anyone; regardless of who you are!

With mental health again in the spotlight, this provides another opportunity for workplaces to increase awareness about Mental Health and support staff whom may be experiencing mental health issues.

With this in mind, I’d encourage all leaders to:

  • Communicate the relevance and impact of mental health to the workplace
  • Provide education to leaders and employees on how to identify and support mental health concerns
  • Actively support individuals with mental health in returning to the workplace
  • Drive a diverse and open culture in the workplace where mental health is openly spoken about
  • Minimise stigma and stereotypes about mental health
  • Be available and responsive to assist employees with mental health concerns when they are identified
  • Tap into resources from organisations such as Beyond Blue, the Black Dog Institute & Headspace


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