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Learning Agility provides an organisation and its workforce with the ability to adapt and respond positively to change.

Being a Learning Agile focused organisation according to studies carried out by Korn Ferry (2012) has proven to be highly beneficial and directly linked to organisational success.

Agility refers to how one thinks, problem solves and how people relate with each other on a day to day basis in the workplace. This may be likened to the recent performance by Australia’s very own Socceroos, indicative of how Learning Agility has been adopted into team and game strategies.

After a long drought of heavy losses experienced by the Socceroos pre-2010, the team’s evolution and Learning Agility has seen them playing better than ever with more consistent wins and competing in this year’s World Cup 2018 tournament even recently drawing with Denmark!

This steady path of improvement for the Australian Soccer team may be attributed to the adoption of a Learning Agile approach through, adaptation, problem solving and applying themselves to the changing conditions. Having truly agile individuals who can easily adapt to unpredictable working situations will enable an organisation to respond swiftly and positively to change.

Cultivating a culture of Learning Agility may be adopted in the following ways:

1. Establish an ongoing forum for all employees to understand about Learning Agility and how it will benefit them and their organisation for the future

2. Build Learning Agility into day to day working to increase buy-in, enhance knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the concept

3. Develop communications around Learning Agility to really drive it across the organisation and encourage continuous conversations about Learning Agility and its benefit

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