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Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments

Prior to hiring, wouldn’t you like to know what motivates and drives an individual, how they operate under pressure and how they interact with others on a day to day basis?

Psychometric assessments can be an effective, unbiassed means to assist with identifying an individual’s potential, career derailer’s and development opportunities.

What are the benefits of psychometric assessments

  • Predict job performance
    – Recruit the best fit for positions and organisations
  • Evaluate career challenges
    – Find and develop performance challenges and gaps
  • Identify potential
    – Discover untapped or prospective behaviour for the future of the organisation
  • Leadership development
    – Strategic development for a smart and productive leadership
  • Holistic personality understanding and evaluation
    – Discover individual’s motivations, core values and preferred learning methods.

A study by Craigen in 2014 of 238 financial representatives yielded a significant correlation between particular personality traits, motivations and interests with job performance and long-term success.

In 2016, a study by Furnham, Humphries & Zheng of 3,581 participants determined that personality traits of successful sales people also had the potential to hold successful managerial positions. This study focused on motivations, values and development areas and among other findings, researchers found Bold, Colourful, Affiliation and Power values were all positively correlated with later success. All of these values can be indicated via psychometric assessments that Nurture HR Consulting are qualified and experienced in.

Personality factors influence organisational effectiveness in a variety of areas- ranging from organisational culture and leadership to selection and effective team performance. Effectively, psychometric testing can help avoid the waste of money, time and effort that are the by-products of poor selection procedures and unplanned development activities.

For further information on psychometric tests and how Nurture HR Consulting can assist with this please contact Eva and the team via eva@nurturehrconsulting.com.au.

Furnham, A., Humphries, C. & Leung Zheng, E. (2016) Can successful sales people become successful managers? Differences in motives and derailers across two jobs. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 63, 252-268. DOI: 10.1037/cpb0000060

Craigen, K. A. (2014) Predicting job performance of financial representatives based on the harrison assessment talent management system (hats). The Sciences and Engineering, 75.

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