Although we are all varyingly dissimilar and similar to one another, how is it that some people are better employees than others?

Typically, a great employee is someone considered to be: • Productive • Honest • Self-motivated • Reliable • Ethical
• Communicative • Committed • Passionate • Task focused • Dedicated

Many of these predictors appear to be personality traits, interestingly research has found a correlational relationship between vocational choice and personality traits (Garcia-Sedeño, Navarro & Menacho, 2009; Nordvik, 1996). Therefore, if in the same fields we all have similar personalities, why are others ahead?

A recent analysis by Uusiautti and Maatta (2015, pp. 34-38) found the best predictive qualities of a great employee, is their appreciation for challenges, exceptional interpersonal skills, autonomous working skills, the belief that work is rewarding accompanied with a positive attitude towards work. Many people possess some of these skills individually, but when all are acting in conjunction with one another, success is apparent. These attitudes have also been linked to high productivity, long term success and a greater sense of wellbeing (Sherman, Randall & Kauanui, 2015).

Furthermore, Uusiautti and Maatta (2015, pp. 141) determined that an equally fundamental factor of great employees are positive work experiences; from the work itself and the employee’s experiences at work. Successful workers need successful work environments to flourish in conjunction with the individual personality traits. A supportive work environment is central to an employee’s ability to achieve.

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