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This year’s Melbourne Cup winner, “Almandin”, ridden by Jockey, Kerrin McEvoy was flawless in his race to the finish. His determination and dedication to be successful and do his utmost to be first over the line was apparent, right up until the very end when “Almandin” and fellow runner “Heartbreak City”, were neck and neck.

Kerrin McEvoy who 16 years’ prior was Melbourne Cup winner on a horse named “Brew”, has maintained his passion, drive and effervescence for the sport, so what keeps an individual motivated to keep striving for success?

For many organisations, employees much like the Kerrin McEvoy’s out there, they are relentless in their efforts, drive and devotion to continued success. In our ever-increasing changeable climate, organisations need to ensure that those employees are adequately rewarded and recognised so they are retained within the organisation and to ensure their motivation and engagement is preserved and retained.

An organisation with enthusiastic and engaged employees can be the difference between a successful organisation and a genuine industry leader. So how can organisations entice and motivate employees to go the extra mile. Some actions may include:

  • Saying a simple thank you or well done
  • Providing mentoring opportunities
  • Asking employees what motivates them and rewarding them based on their responses
  • Introduce a peer nomination scheme, where employees are encouraged to nominate their peers for recognition
  • An employee recognition award – recognising an outstanding employee accomplishment
  • A personal letter of thanks to the employee or team member from a senior manager for a significant contribution
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Formal reward and recognition programme

For further information on how to sustain success within your workforce, please contact Eva and her team via emailing eva@nurturehrconsulting.com.au



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