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“Australia’s population grew by 1.4% during the year ended 30 June 2016; of this, natural increase contributed 46.1% whilst overseas migration contributed 53.9% respectively to total population growth for the year ended 30 June 2016. ” ( ABS, June 2016).

Given these demographics, organisations will be need to utilise a diverse workforce to optimise employment opportunities as we head into the future.

To foster a more diverse organisation, please refer to the suggestions below:

  • Develop a hiring strategy to increase workforce diversity,
  • Explore and extend your talent searching opportunities to capture candidates from a more diverse background pool,
  • From the outset, create a captivating job advert, which is culturally sensitive and attracts candidates to a highly diverse organisation,
  • Be willing to invest time in recruiting candidates from Non-English speaking backgrounds,
  • Put measures in place to ensure a skilled older workforce is working alongside unskilled employees to obtain that knowledge and make provisions for knowledge to be retained within the organisation,
  • Develop retention strategies for the older workforce to try retain them for as long as possible within the organisation,
  • Develop succession planning to ensure employees are afforded opportunities to be promoted and developed which will assist with retention,
  • Develop an employee referral scheme to attract candidates,
  • Provide diversity training in your workplace and
  • Offer other benefits such as willingness to accommodate cultural and religious practices.

Through the nurturing of diversity, organisations will be better equipped to deal with the challenges faced, retaining a skilled and effective workforce on and into the future.

For further information on fostering diversity, please contact Eva and the team at Nurture HR Consulting.

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