Recently I was asked how frequently my consultancy comes across mental health concerns in the workplace, within the same day I also spoke to a client about mental health in the workplace.

This led me to ask the question – are we as HR professionals doing all we can to assist organisations in supporting and addressing mental health in the workplace?

So what can we do to assist workplaces?

  • Communicating the relevance and impact of mental health to the workplace
  • Providing education to leaders and employees on how to identify and support mental health concerns
  • Actively supporting individuals with mental health in returning to the workplace
  • Driving a diverse and open culture in the workplace where mental health is openly spoken about
  • Minimising stigma and stereotypes about mental health
  • Ensuring workloads are manageable
  • Designing roles and workplaces to reduce exposure to mental health concerns
  • Making resources about mental health available to the workforce
  • Building personal resilience within a workforce
  • Reviewing and updating policies and procedures
  • Proactively maintaining the conversation about mental health and wellness in the workplace
  • Promoting early intervention and facilitating this
  • Being available and responsive to assist employees and leaders with mental health concerns when they are identified

For more information on how to assist workplaces with mental health wellbeing please contact Eva and her team at

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