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One of Hollywood’s most ambitious film Director’s, Harvey Weinstein has recently been alleged to have been embroiled in a spree of inappropriate acts; including sexual harassment and assault of actors spanning over 20 years. For many individuals, the film industry is perceived as glamourous; today, however that image seems an illusion, casting the film industry in a whole different light.

The entire film industry has been brought into question as to the how’s and why’s such alleged predatory acts could be ignored and overlooked for such a lengthy duration of time. What does this say about the culture of the film industry when actors and studio staff are alleged to have continually turned a blind eye or buried complaints?

Given this example, how can an organisation ensure its people are protected, feel safe, act in an appropriate manner and have the opportunity to raise concerns?

Listed below are some key takeaways on how organisations can develop a suitably appropriate culture, whereby individuals are not afraid of reprisals and are able to speak out when something is not right in the workplace.

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