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Virtual Reality in the Workplace

Virtual Reality in the Workplace

Listening to a radio interview recently, in relation to “VR” i.e. Virtual Reality in the music industry, it had me musing on what this could mean for the not so distant future of the workplace. That is, what benefits could be had and correspondingly what concerns should we have?

Some exciting opportunities of VR in the workplace could include:

  • Meetings held in a virtual workspace, where all or a number of participants could be working from different locations across the globe however each will feel as though they are working in the same space as one another,
  • The ability to virtually try new roles / work activities and even occupations from anywhere at anytime,
  • Training utilising a virtual scenario or virtual workplace thereby reducing costs and mistakes in reality and improving opportunities to learn from this and
  • Virtual interviewing enabling applicants to be interviewed from anywhere in the same virtual workplace.

An exciting time lies ahead for workplaces embracing “VR” technology, however let’s not forget the value of real human contact in our quest for workplace excellence!

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